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Garnishment - Attachment of personal property of a debtor in the possession of a third person.

General Index - A title company's record of matters affecting title to land maintained according to names of individuals and entities rather than by real property description.

General Law City - Generally, a city organized under the general law. (Compare "Charter City," supra.)

General Plan Restrictions - Restrictions on use of real property imposed for the benefit of all lots within a subdivision.

Gift - A voluntary conveyance or transfer of property without a valuable consideration.

Gore - A small triangular piece of land.

Gov. Code - Government Code.

Graduated Lease - A lease providing for varying rental rates.

Grant - A transfer of real property by deed.

Grant Deed - A written instrument transferring title to real property.

Grantee - The person acquiring title to real property by a deed.

Grantor - The person transferring title to real property by a deed.

Groin - A structure intended to impede or resist movements of sand adjacent to seas or lakes.

Ground Lease - A lease of land only and not of improvements to be made by lessee.

Ground Rent - Earnings of improved property credited to land separate from its improvements.

Guarantee of Title - A form of title insurance based solely upon public record disclosures.

Guardian - A person appointed by the probate court to care for the person, the property, or the person and property of a minor or an incompetent person.

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