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Ratable - Proportionate.

Range - A column of townships running north and south in a row parallel to, and east or west of a principal meridian.

Ratification - The adoption or approval of a previous unauthorized act.

Real Property - Immovable property such as land, buildings, improvements, appurtenances, and air space.

Rebuttable Presumption - A presumption that is not conclusive one which may be contradicted by evidence.

Rescission - The act of canceling or annulling the effect of a document.

Reconveyance - A document extinguishing the lien of a deed of trust and reconveying the title to the real property encumbered by the deed of trust to the trustor.

Record - To incorporate into the public records of the County Recorder; also, the system of public records imparting constructive notice of title to claims, or interests, in real property.

Recording - The act of filing documents for record in the office of the County Recorder.

Redemption - The act of buying back property previously sold in judicial proceedings.

Redemption Right - The right of a debtor to reacquire title to property formerly owned by him or her but sold through judicial process to satisfy his/her debts.

Reformation Action - Proceedings instituted for the purpose of correcting mistakes in documents.

Reinstatement - Restoring to the status occupied before a forfeiture.

Release - A document extinguishing the lien of a mortgage, judgment, mechanic's lien, etc.; also, a document absolving another of liability.

Release Clause - Provision in a mortgage or deed of trust for the release of the lien from portions of the property.

Reliction - The gradual recession of water from the usual watermark exposing dry land.

Remainder - A future estate, other than a reversion, taking effect upon termination of a prior estate.

Remainderman - The person who owns an estate in remainder.

Remittitur - An appellate court's instruction and direction to the lower court in disposing of a matter appealed.

Replevin - A form of action for the recovery of personal property.

Request for Notice - Recorded request by anyone desiring written notice of the recording of a notice of default under a deed of trust or of the scheduling of a trustee's sale thereunder; also, recorded trust request of anyone desiring notice of the scheduling of an execution sale foreclosing the lien of a judgment; also, a request filed in probate proceedings by anyone desiring special notice of proceedings taken therein.

Request for Reconveyance - Written instruction of a beneficiary under a deed of trust addressed to the trustee, acknowledging satisfaction of the secured obligation, and directing the trustee to extinguish the lien of the deed of trust and reconvey the property encumbered by the deed of trust.

Reservation - A right or an interest retained by a grantor in a conveyance.

Residuary Clause - The "catch all" or omnibus clause of a will directing distribution of any property not specifically bequeathed or devised.

Residue - That portion of a de-cedent's estate remaining after payment of debts, taxes, and distribution of specific bequests and devises.

Restraint on Transfer - An impediment or limitation on an owner's right to transfer title to property.

Restrictions - Impediments, limitations, or prohibitions respecting use of real property imposed in deeds or in a declaration.

Resulting Trust - A trust implied by law to prevent injustice.

Revenue Stamps - Stamps affixed to documents evidencing payment of federal tax formerly imposed.

Reversion - A presently vested future estate in the grantor or grantor's heirs the possession of which is deferred.

Rider - A supplement to; an addition to; an endorsement to a document.

Right of Survivorship - The right to succeed to the interest of a decedent.

Right of Way - A right to pass over or to cross a parcel of land.

Riparian - Pertaining to the bank of a river or stream.

Riparian Rights - The rights of an owner to water bordering his or her land.

Rood of Land - The fourth part of an acre in square measure, or one thousand two hundred and ten square yards.

Rule Against Perpetuities - At Common Law, a principle which provides that no interest in real or personal property shall be good unless it must vest, if at all, not later than twenty-one years after some life in being at the creation of the interest. California has adopted a statutory modification of the rule.

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